Executive Summary

Quantum Teams, llc provides cutting edge team assessments and coaching services to enhance leadership team effectiveness.

We work with leadership teams whose team dynamics are limiting their effectiveness in achieving results.

Our proprietary approach targets three critical dimensions:

  1. Positivity - how a team acts and communicates in getting work done.
  2. Productivity - actions focused on maximizing team output and accomplishments.
  3. Team Intelligence - the degree to which a team engages in intentional behaviors to increase its effectiveness as a team.

Research has shown that Productivity can be maximized most effectively if the team first increases its overall Team Intelligence and Positivity.

The Quantum Teams approach leverages leading research in the disciplines of: Quantum Physics, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Team Theory and Corporate Systems Coaching.

Quantum Teams offers a two phased approach:

  • Phase 1 : Team Assessment
  • Phase 2 : Team Coaching

In Phase 1, Quantum Teams provides a research-based, quantitative assessment. This unique approach measures the effectiveness of the team as a unit, without singling out individuals or the team leader. Compiling input from all team members creates a compelling course of action for growing in the areas that will maximize the team's effectiveness. Team members recognize the validity of the assessment results because they are based on the team's input, not an outside source. In Phase 2, based on the results of the assessment process, Quantum Teams provides education and coaching to address what is limiting the team.

When all three dimensions, Productivity, Positivity AND Team Intelligence, are optimized, the team will be able to come together to achieve unprecedented results, for the team members, for the team, and for the organization at large.