What is a Quantum Team?

A Quantum Team is …

  • Highly positive and productive, creating success by relying on the strength, synergy and commitment of the team.
  • Growth-oriented with alignment on its direction and operating from a sense of a higher purpose.
  • Admired for addressing challenges while maintaining values of direct and respectful communication.
  • Supportive of risk taking and is fulfilling, challenging and fun.

What We've Discovered About Teams

Regardless of a team's environment or history, all leadership teams can operate more effectively. Greatest returns are realized if three dimensions are addressed: increasing Team Intelligence, increasing Positivity and increasing Productivity. Improvement is most likely when the team discovers how it measures up against established standards, visualizes how it would like to operate, and then engages in regular team coaching sessions to create and sustain high performance.

Key Principles Include:

  • Teams that embrace growth are more effective and successful.
  • As a system the team is getting signals about how it can evolve.
  • Conflict is not to be avoided; it highlights how a team can become more effective.
  • The most important predictor of high performance is engaging in rigorous on-going team coaching sessions.

Three Dimensions of Team Effectiveness

Research has shown that here are three dimensions that synergistically enhance leadership team effectiveness:

  • Productivity — actions focused on maximizing team output and accomplishments.
  • Positivity — how a team acts and communicates in getting work done.
  • Team Intelligence — the degree to which a team engages in intentional behaviors to increase its effectiveness as a team.

A team with high Productivity and high Positivity is operating in a Full Speed Ahead environment (see Team Environments).

A team that maximizes all three dimensions is a Quantum Team.